In Search of the Jademonkey

If you’ve found yourself searching for the elusive Jademonkey, then The CaneFire blog is for you. Its full of treasures untold sourced from around the world and in your own backyard.

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Mirahost can host your website - Lanakila Creations can paint you a beautiful mural - Mickey Eskimo can make you a collage - Ease in Motion can fix your back if you're all buss up - The Monkeypod Kitchen makes good poke tacos and taco poke - DMC can book your companys’ Hawaiian vacation - Design Savvy Interiors can make your home beautiful - Skyline Eco-Adventures can take you ziplining - Kahoma Ranch can take you off-road or down a water slide - Rivers to the Sea can teach you to schralp - Design Savvy Interiors can make your home beautiful - The Pacific Surface analysis can give you thie big picture - Merriman's Hawaii can cook you a feast

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